Merry Christmas to everyone!

Very merry Christmas to you all! First I thought I´ll post some old photo that´s xmas related, but I decided to post one from my Caribbean series. I hope you like this. It´s again from Dominican Republic. This lady was watching out of her kitchen…

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Another post of Dilectio 24h

The headline says it all… Today we saw the finale of Dilectio´s birthgiving. They got amazing results, 10 points from TAT and 8 from Kopparberg! Congratulations Diletio and all the best for your future! 🙂

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Dilectio 24h birthgiving (first post)

Hi everyone!

Here are some photos I shot today at Team Academy. We are having Dilectio team´s 24h birthgiving, wich we all do at our last year before we graduate. During this day, night and tomorrow morning Dilectio solves two cases; one for Kopparberg and one for TAT. Next year is my team Cromita´s turn to “give birth”…  Cases usually include marketing, sales, leadership, ect… Maybe the best way to describe our birthgivings is to tell you that it´s bit like the same thing those teams do at Donald Trump`s tv-show The Apprentice. I´ll be posting again as soon as possible!

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Entrepreneurs dream

I made this photo for coverpage of Team Academy Magazine. It´s name is Entrepreneurs dream and it illustrates how sometimes our minds are somewhere else, far, far away, in a place where the sun shines and merengue plays.

Caribbean lifestyle

It´s time for some caribbean lifestyle! This boy is standing at the door to the cigar factory in Dominican Republic. It´s amazing how much happier peopple are in caribbean than in Europe for example. Well at least that´s what it looks like.  I really recommend that you go there and enjoy it, great peopple and beautiful scenery!

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Hiiohoi! I also shoot weddings and here is one example of “official wedding photo” i took this summer. If you have need for wedding photographer, you can contact me at Elikkäs siis jos on häävalokuvaajalle tarvetta keski-Suomen alueella niin kirjoitelkaas yllä näkyvään sähköpostiosoitteeseen!

Tulimyrsky – educationmeeting

My team is managing these Tulimyrsky – six hours “educationmeetings” for entrepreneurs in center-Finland. Last time our expert for the day was social media guru Sami Salmenkivi who has written finnish book “Yhteisöllinen media ja muuttuva markkinointi 2.0”. He really made quite an impressive show and I believe participants left home with lot`s of new knowledge and a very happy mind. Here are some photos shot during that day. I have only made some minor adjustments, so if you want some of these, please email to me and I´ll send you a “polished” one!

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Youth´s message for future

I shot photos for Finnish economic news agency´s (not sure of the correct name in english) Youth´s message for future -magazine last spring. This is one I like maybe the most. You can see more photos (all the photos except page 15 are made by me) and the paper in pdf-format by clicking this link:

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Mari´s autumn photos

We went shooting some autumn photos with this beautiful Mari and here are the results… Hope you like it! 🙂

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Markkinoijan tie – training program

Hi guys and girls! It´s been such a long time again since my latest update… I´m sorry about that! I just noticed that there has been over 15 000 visitors since I started my blog, so I´m really happy about it! Thanks! 🙂 Todays photos were taken at Team Academy´s training program called “Markkinoijan tie”… We have studied marketing for almost a year in six sets of three days. Because it was our last meeting, we also had some fun 🙂 I´ll be adding more photos in few days, so please do check my blog again! Next photos will be some modelling and wedding shots for example. Good night!

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